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Best Buy's Chumby Like DeviceNormally, the Insignia Infocast 3.5″ downloads its content including the main control panel from the Chumby server on the Internet. When everything is working fine that is the desirable way to use it. If you want to listen to the fm radio or some music on a flash drive and there is no internet connection then you would normally be out of luck. Fortunately, there is a way to use it offline. Thanks to the efforts of Christian from Austria you can download his little package to a flash drive, reboot the Infocast with it plugged in and you will be able to use it offline. Other Infocast users reported they had to copy the contents of the psp directory on the Infocast to the psp directory on the flash drive without replacing any of the existing files. I too followed this advice and it worked like a charm.

On an unregistered Infocast I had it working but each time I started it up it would ask to setup the wireless network. After registering it it worked fine. I can even connect to the Internet and use it independently from the Chumby servers. I can run local flash lite applets, use the fm radio, play music files on the flash drive, or stream from Internet radio stations. It appears to mirror the configuration panel for it to download from a web server on localhost.

See the thread here on the Chumby forum:

*** UPDATE 120315 – Another thread in the chumby forums here: (thanks for the heads-up none).

*** UPDATE 120420 – If the Chumby Servers were to disappear Zurk’s Offline Chumby files are hosted here:


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